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Qualifying for bonus money and money-saving programs is easier than you think.

If your family’s annual income is $98,500 or less, and the home you want to buy costs less than $484,350, you’re in the ballpark for Home Is PossibleTM bonus down payment money. 
If you’re a veteran or active military personnel, you could secure a below-market fixed interest rate with the Home Is Possible For HeroesTM program. 
If you’re a licensed K-12 teacher in Nevada, you could receive $7,500 through the Home Is Possible For TeachersTM.
And if you’re a first-time homebuyer or qualified veteran, you could save about $2,000 a year with the Home is PossibleTM Mortgage Credit Certificate.
Get started today by finding a qualified lender. You’ll be guided through the process, and you may even qualify for additional homebuyer programs.