HIP 1500

This program will no longer be available after December 14, 2018

HIP 1500TM Program

Get bonus money on top of bonus money—for a limited time.

They say it’s all who you know. We have no idea who ‘they’ are, but they’re clearly onto something. After all, we know Fannie Mae (our partner in the conventional loans realm) and you know us—which could mean an extra $1,500 to you for closing costs on top of all the benefits homebuyers already get with Home Is Possible.

We’re calling this special, limited-time program HIP 1500, though we prefer to think of it as opportunity knocking.

Check out the Home Is Possible program details for the basics. Read below for what separates HIP 1500 from HIP. Then get crack-a-lackin’ before this program expires December 31, 2018. No pressure, but maybe you should find yourself a HIP-qualified lender PDQ.

What’s the difference between HIP and HIP 1500?

Key Benefits:
  • An extra $1,500 for closing costs in addition to the bonus money up to 5% of the loan value (for down payment or closing costs)
  • Up to 97% loan-to-value ratio
  • Reduced monthly mortgage insurance
Program Requirements:
  • HFA preferred conventional loans only
  • Households within the maximum income limits by county (listed below)
    Income Maximums By County
    Carson City $45,520
    Churchill $50,320
    Clark $49,520
    Douglas $55,360
    Elko $64,000
    Esmeralda $50,320
    Eureka $85,760
    Humboldt $61,280
    Lander $66,080
    Lincoln $50,320
    Lyon $50,320
    Mineral $50,320
    Nye $50,320
    Pershing $50,320
    Storey $54,480
    Washoe $54,480
    White Pine $57,680



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