HIP Plus

Down payment assistance Nevada - combining HIP and Mortgage Credit Certificate

Can you have too much of a good thing? If that thing is money, we say, “Heck no!” That’s why we’ve created Home Is Possible Plus, or HIP Plus for short.

Like any legendary pairing – think spaghetti and meatballs or cookies and milk – the Home Is Possible and Mortgage Credit Certificate homebuyer programs are best served together.


When you meet the requirements of both programs, you’ll double up on benefits from both, saving you some serious dough during the closing process and every year at tax time.


HIP Plus Key Benefits:

  • Non-repayable money up to 5% of the loan value (usable for down payment and closing costs)
  • Federal tax savings up to 30% of the mortgage interest paid (annually for the life of the loan)
  • Attractive 30-year interest rate
  • Financing available for manufactured homes

HIP Plus Requirements


Just remember this simple equation for saving money:
HIP + MCC = HIP Plus


Ask your lender if you qualify. Need a lender? Visit our Find a Lender page. 

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