Kelly Macdonald

MCC Program Specialist
775-687-2247 | Email
Kelly Sunshine Macdonald is just that: a ray of sunshine. She joined the Nevada Housing Division as a loan officer in 2013 with enough experience to fill her four-page resume, including a six-year stint as a loan officer at NHD in the early 2000s.

We’re thrilled to have her back. Not only is she a team player who thrives on helping others; she has a wealth of knowledge, thanks to her previous jobs as a loan servicing manager, financial institutions examiner, commercial lending supervisor and operations analyst. Her broad experience includes working at banks, mortgage companies and housing-related government agencies throughout Nevada.

Through her thirty-plus year career, Kelly kept her jobs through numerous mergers and acquisitions. Her strong work ethic, problem solving skills and loyalty have made her invaluable to a variety of employers, including her current one—Nevada Housing Division.

In 2016, Kelly was promoted to Mortgage Credit Certificate Program Specialist. Her responsibilities include working closely with lenders and homebuyers to secure the annual federal tax credit that the MCC program provides. Day in and day out, Kelly ensures that the paperwork is handled with care from application to approval, manages year-end reporting, and delivers customer service with great attention to detail.

Kelly was born in Hawaii, but has lived in Nevada most of her life. She has a loving husband of more than thirty years, two sons, three dogs and a turtle. She is passionate about helping the homeless and spends much of her free time with senior veterans at the VA hospital in Reno. Down the road when she retires, she plans to get back to painting and sewing, two hobbies she’s put on the backburner to help more Nevadans attain the dream of homeownership.

Kelly is based in the Carson City office.

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