So you’ve done the hard work — you got financing, found a home and moved all your stuff. Now it’s time for fun and relaxation, right? Well, before you mix up a pitcher of Mai Tais, there are a few more things to add to your to-do list to care for that new investment. And while these tasks aren’t traditionally considered rip-roaring fun, they will enable you to enjoy that home for years to come

Note: This blog was written before COVID-19. Please use all safety precations when considering any of these tips.

Good neighbors are like whipped cream on your cocoa, they can make the ordinary so much better! When you have good relationships with neighbors, it can be fun to come home at the end of the day and even to work in the yard. But bad neighbors on the other

‘Tis the season to be merry—and to host houseguests. If you’re planning to put up family or friends in your home, why not make sure it goes as smoothly as possible? We have a host of great tips to help you do just that. (See what we did there?)

5 Hosting Tips

Tip #1: Plan for success.

Addressing individual needs and managing expectations are key to a good

Holiday traditions don’t just happen—they’re created. If you’ve recently experienced a change like moving into a new home (yay!) or welcoming a new family member into the fold (double yay!), there’s no time like the present to add to your holiday traditions. Are you game for building a caroling group?

Last week, we shared some handy fall home maintenance tips for homeowners throughout Nevada, regardless of climate. Hopefully, you’ve already started checking some of them off your list. Today, we want to share some fall to-dos for Nevadans who live where freezing temperatures are the norm from fall to spring (though our

The old adage, ‘Good fences make good neighbors’ may be true, but what are some other ways to make sure you’re on the good list? In honor of Good Neighbor Day September 28, we’re sharing some helpful tips on how to get along, and then some.

Six Ways To Keep The Peace