Home Is Very, Very Possible for Veterans, Military Personnel and Surviving Spouses

There are many housing benefits for veterans, active duty military and surviving spouses, but they can be confusing to decipher. Here’s an overview to get you moving in the right direction.

Las Vegas Teacher Finds Her Way Home

If purchasing a home is on your life’s to-do list, you’ll want to check out the Home Is Possible programs to see if one of them can help you check that item off!

The Dreaded PMI

If you put less than 20% down on your home, you’re likely paying extra money each month for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Learn what PMI is and how you might be able to get it out of your life (and your bills).

Buying A Home Can Be A Good Option for Single Parents

Being a single parent isn’t necessarily a barrier to being a homeowner. In fact, there are times when it may make more sense to buy a home when you’re unattached.

NHD Authorizes Financing for Renovation of Rental Units in Reno

NHD has authorized funding for the renovation of 740 affordable rental units in Reno to help address Northern Nevada's housing shortage. 

Helping the Environment While Helping Your Wallet

Celebrate Earth Day every day by making your new home more environmentally friendly! There are many projects, some big and some small, that will save you energy and money.


Our Programs

Nevada down payment assistance programs - Home is Possible

Home Is Possible™ offers thousands in bonus money to help with a down payment or closing costs.

Home Is Possible For Heroes™ helps veterans be at home with a below-market interest rate.

Nevada down payment assistance for teachers - Home is Possible

Home Is Possible For Teachers™ gives K-12 teachers in Nevada $7,500 in bonus money for a down payment or closing costs plus a below-market interest rate—for a limited time.