Thanks to NHD, nearly 22,000 Nevada families now get to mow their own lawns

The Nevada Housing Division has made home possible for nearly 22,000 families throughout the state of Nevada.

Don’t Let Student Debt Keep You From Homeownership

Homeownership is possible, even with student debt.

Home Sweet…Condo? Why an attached home purchase could be in your future.

Buying a home doesn’t have to mean a stand-alone structure. A more affordable condo or townhome could be the perfect answer for you, depending on your needs and situation.

Buying in Winter Can Be a Brrry Good Idea

While spring and summer might be the most popular times to buy or sell a home, getting your home buying on in winter has its benefits too. Seriously!

Credit Score

Here’s the Scoop on Credit Scores

Our personal credit scores can affect so much in our lives – from qualifying for a home loan to whether we get a job. Learn more about how these all-important numbers are determined and how to dial yours in.

VAREP home giveaway to veteran hero

Nevada Housing Division Helps Veteran and Family Receive Keys to Mortgage-Free Home

Veteran James Bassett and his family received a mortage-free home thanks to the teams at VAREP, Nevada Housing Division and countless volunteers. Learn about the program that made this possible — and the story of a local hero who now owns a home in Southern Nevada.