Buyers Education

Buying a home is a super exciting endeavor. It is also a big responsibility.

To help ensure success along the way, we require our soon-to-be homeowners to take a homeownership class prior to closing on a mortgage. The course covers credit requirements, budgeting and what to expect during the homebuying process.

There are many ways to fulfill the homeownership education requirement. Folks who prefer a classroom setting can choose a face-to-face class. Those who are at ease with an online class can choose the web-based option, conveniently available 24/7. Both options are offered in Spanish. All borrowers are required to attend. Cosigners are not obligated to attend.

Preferred Providers

Our Programs

Home Is Possible™ offers thousands in bonus money to help with a down payment or closing costs.

Home Is Possible For Heroes™ helps veterans be at home with a below-market interest rate.

Home Is Possible For Teachers™ gives K-12 teachers in Nevada $7,500 in bonus money for a down payment or closing costs plus a below-market interest rate—for a limited time.