Helping Nevada Homebuyers Ace the Purchase Process

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Resources to put you in the know

Ready to get serious about homebuying? We’re here for you with all the insider info to help you purchase like a seasoned pro — whether it’s your first home or your fifth.
We’ve collected some helpful resources for aspiring homebuyers on managing credit, understanding finances, financial decision making, HOAs and more. See all our helpful resources, recently updated and collected on one handy page. 
Knowledge is power, and in this case buying power. So be sure to read up to understand what you’re getting into before you embark on the homebuying journey. 
Need a lender? We have a list of preferred partners here.
Need a real estate agent? HIP-approved agents are here.

Our Programs

Nevada down payment assistance programs - Home is Possible

Home Is Possible™ offers thousands of dollars to help with a down payment or closing costs.

home is possible - a program for heroes

Home Is Possible For Heroes™ helps veterans be at home with a below-market interest rate.

Home Is Possible For Teachers™ gives K-12 teachers in Nevada $7,500 for a down payment or closing costs plus a below-market interest rate—for a limited time.

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