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FREE To A Good Home(buyer): Required Homebuyer Education

May 01, 2017

CJ Manthe

We want you to succeed, plain and simple. That’s why the Nevada Housing Division requires participants in our Home Is Possible programs to take and pass a homebuyer education course. It’s also the reason we just developed our very own homebuyer education course, one that was specifically designed to get Nevadans homebuyer-ready. It was produced right here in Nevada, it features Nevada real estate professionals sharing their expertise, and this HIP-approved course is absolutely free—‘cause we also want to save you money.

Why You Need This Course

            The short answer is, “Because we said so.” (Requirements and whatnot.)

But wait! There’s a much better answer, one we’re very proud of. The delinquency rate for NHD loans is two times less than other housing finance agencies (HFAs) nationwide. In fact, 98.5% of our single-family mortgage loans are paying on time. We believe our homebuyer education course mandate plays a huge part in that. Of course, the fact that Nevadans are absolutely awesome helps a ton, too.

Keep in mind that while you don’t have to use HIP programs to take the course, you do have to take this course (or another HIP-approved course) to qualify for our homebuyer programs.  

Here’s The Dealio

            Our homebuyer education course consists of five short, online, information-packed videos that will help you become a knowledgeable homeowner. You can watch them as many times as you need, anytime up to a year before you close on your HIP loan.

At the end of each video, there will be a practice quiz. (Don’t worry, they don’t count toward your grade!) Once you’ve completed all five videos, you’ll have a final exam comprised of 25 questions. Get 20 answers or more correct to pass the course. (You got this!)

            Soon, we will roll out the Spanish homebuyer education course. Look for the announcement on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Welcome To The Starting Line

As luck would have it, signing up is a snap. (Well technically, it’s a click on the red “Get Started/Continue” button at the bottom of sign up page.) There you can create your profile and get started on the HIP-required course. Every person on the loan must set up their own profile and pass the course separately.

If you qualify for Home Is Possible, Home Is Possible Plus, Home Is Possible For Heroes, Home Is Possible For Teachers or Mortgage Credit Certificate (or you just want to be a savvy homeowner), check out our shiny, new, free option for homebuyer education.

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