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Homebuyer Confidential: One Couple's Search For A Home

September 21, 2020

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “Ignorance is bliss,” right? Well, when it comes to buying a home, we couldn’t disagree more.

In fact, the more you know about the homebuying process — the better armed you are with a complete picture about the ins, outs, do’s and don’ts — the easier it is for you to come to a few key realizations. Notably:

  1. Is homebuying right for you? (We’re hoping you’re thinking “yes.”)
  2. Do you have to have perfect credit? (The answer is a resounding “no” — and we have tips.)
  3. Will you have to visit the crawlspace to inspect your future home? (Also “no,” and bless the people who do this on a daily basis.)

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To give you the full insider scoop, we’ve developed a web series we’re calling “Homebuyer Confidential” — the name of which you may recognize as a hat-tip to the late Anthony Bourdain, who always made us smile with his “Kitchen Confidential.”

In our series, we follow (but not in a creepy stalker way) a pair of first-time homebuyers, Daniel and Karina, as they traverse the homebuying landscape. We also add explanatory and sometimes just plain fun pop-up messages, à la vintage VH1 and its wildly popular Pop Up Video. Because everything is better with pop-ups.  

Homebuyer Confidential as told through episode recaps

The entire series lives on our YouTube channel. But if you’re interested in picking and choosing your favorite episode, allow us to provide a Netflix-worthy synopsis of each episode:

  • In “Episode 1: Getting Approved for a Home Loan,” Daniel and Karina first meet their lender, Sam Britt, and his incredibly enlightening whiteboard. Sam’s disarming charm and confidence in their buying ability (as well as insider info about the Nevada Housing Division family of homebuyer programs called “Home Is Possible”) gives Daniel and Karina the boost they need to begin the process.
  • In “Episode 2: Finding the Perfect Home,” we are introduced to real estate agent Angelica Reyes. Her job: to scour the available homes on the market, showing the excited couple a few options that just might be their perfect match. Ultimately, they have a winner. But with another offer on the table, will their offer be accepted? (Spoiler alert: YES!)
  • In “Episode 3: The Home Inspection,” Inspector Leif Christensen joins the cast and makes the terrifying trip underneath the home and into the crawl space. He emerges unscathed, then walking the couple — and us! — through the exhaustingly exhaustive (but entirely necessary) home inspection report. And making its first appearance to save the day: the idea of adding a home warranty to the buying process, which gives Daniel and Karina some much-needed peace of mind.
  • In “Episode 4: Signing the Title,” Escrow Officer Colleen Felix is the guest star, as she explains the all-important escrow and title-signing process. But at the end of this episode, Karina reveals her deepest, darkest fear: She is concerned something will fall through at the end. But will it? (Spoiler alert #2: NOPE!)
  • In “Episode 5: All Moved In,” viewers will realize that all of the spoiler alerts above were unnecessary, as they simply had to look at the name of this final episode to realize everything would work out just fine. In the season finale, we meet the couple’s fur and scale babies (yes: reptiles!), and Daniel and Karina offer their top takeaways throughout the homebuying process. Bring your Kleenex as we say goodbye to the happy homebuyers.

Drama and intrigue? In every episode. Compelling characters? At least one new cast member joins in each installment. Does the final episode begin in the shower, leaving viewers to realize the entire season was just a dream? Luckily, no. If you’re interested in learning more about homebuying, make Homebuyer Confidential your next binge-worthy show.

But if you’re ready to begin your own series with a future finale where you move into the home of your dreams, start by visiting our list of HIP-qualified lenders, then call a HIP-qualified real estate agent to introduce you to your very own cast of potential home characters!

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