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Homeowner Gold is Possible for All Nevadans

June 29, 2016

If you’re like most people, you’ve already caught Rio fever. (And hopefully, you’re experiencing a case of HIP Gold Games fever, too.) With the Rio games just weeks away now, we thought we’d share one of our favorite global activities of Olympism: Sport For All, a worldwide movement to promote sport and physical activity at all levels. The International Olympic Committee and its Sports and Active Society Commission are making Sport For All programs and toolkits readily accessible to people around the globe.

At Nevada Housing Division, we love the idea. That’s why we’ve applied its principles to the activity of homebuying in Nevada. After all, we believe homeownership should be accessible to people of varying levels. We’re pleased to report that our Home Is Possible and Home Is Possible For Heroes programs are leveling the playing field with free money and favorable interest rates so that low to middle income Nevadans, as well as veterans, can participate in homeownership.

Negotiating The Hurdles

Much like track and field events, homebuying sometimes has hurdles you need to clear. Never fear, Nevada Housing Division and our trusty HIP lenders and real estate professionals are here to coach you to the finish line—without so much as a stumble. And we have proof!

Russ and Jennifer shared with us via our Facebook page how their support team helped them succeed. “Our REALTOR® and lender informed us about the Home Is Possible program through the state of Nevada. We are very grateful for the program and highly recommend it to anyone who thinks homeownership is out of reach! It IS possible!” Way to keep the dream alive, Russ and Jennifer!

The Long Jump For Veterans

Veterans in particular face a number of hoops to jump through during the homebuying process. With VA loans, there are minimum property requirements including sufficient heating and electrical systems, proper roofing and windows, and pest control solutions, all of which need to be addressed prior to the VA loan guarantee. HIP lenders who are schooled in the Home Is Possible For Heroes program can help veterans address these issues in a streamlined fashion. (And a favorable interest rate!)

Jacqueline, an Air Force Veteran, told us, “My REALTOR® and lender pretty much took care of everything.” Glad to hear it Jacqueline. Thank you for your service!

If you’ve purchased a house in the past—or started the process before—and got discouraged by the hurdles in front of you, try, try again. HIP-qualified professionals will cheer you on every step of the way. Watch Matt's story below for more inspiration. 

Let The Homebuyer Games Begin

Whether you’re a homebuyer newbie (welcome!) or a veteran (we salute!), we want to hear from you. Share your homebuying experience by submitting the 'Hear My Story' form and using the #HIPGold hashtag on social media. You could win bragging rights plus a sizable gift card to use on your new home. Enter the HIP Gold Games now. Good luck!

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