Train For Success with Homebuyer Education Class

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Regardless of what sport an athlete plays, they’ve got to know the playbook. Offense, defense, strategies for success, teamwork and lots of training—it’s all in there. The same is true for the sport of homebuying. Sure, you may not need to be in perfect physical condition to clear the homebuying hurdles in front of you, but you should be well prepared mentally and financially to win. The HIP Gold Games is just the place to show off your homebuying athleticism.

To get you in shape for buying a home using Home Is Possible, Home Is Possible For Heroes or our Mortgage Credit Certificate programs, Nevada Housing Division requires you to attend a homeownership education class. So today’s playbook studying session is focused on the what, when and how of homeownership education.

The Homebuyer Playbook: The What

What is this homeownership education we speak of? Basically, it’s a class that sets you up for success as a homeowner. The class covers important topics like building and maintaining your credit, budgeting how-tos, and what to expect as you navigate the homebuying process. We can almost guarantee even a seasoned homeowner will learn something new. (We said ‘almost’ to appease our lawyers. We hope they’re happy.)

The Homebuyer Playbook: The When

Next in the homebuyer playbook is the when. Anyone interested in being a savvy homeowner can take a class at any time. If you want to take advantage of the free down payment money, favorable interest rate and annual tax credit that our homebuyer programs offer, Nevada Housing Division required the completion of the course prior to closing on your mortgage.

The Homebuyer Playbook: The How

Now that you have the knowledge, how do you execute the game plan, i.e. complete the homebuyer education class? There are two ways: an in-person, face-to-face class (for people who may be technologically challenged or just want to get it all done at once), or a course you can complete online at your convenience. There are several homeowner education courses to choose from in both English and Spanish. Go forth and conquer!

Prepare For Victory

We’re guessing you came to play (or you wouldn’t be studying the homebuyer playbook with us right now). So who needs to complete the class? Anyone who will be on the title of the house, though co-signers can sit on the sidelines. And most definitely, anyone who wants to compete in the #HIPGold Games needs to participate in the class. It’s one of the Homebuyer Challenges that could earn you a prize.

Go you! 

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