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Welcome to the HIP Gold Games

June 08, 2016

Education through sport is a worldwide movement, supported by the likes of the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which supports the notion that sports and education go hand-in-hand. So who are we to stand in the way? In honor of the Rio games, we’ve created the HIP Gold Games where Nevadans can learn how to buy a house—through sport.

Homebuyer Olympism

With any sport, there’s way more to it than just training and competing. It’s a whole way of life. The International Olympic Committee calls it Olympism. “Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.” Sounds a lot like the values and benefits of homeownership to us—with one ginormous addition: Increased net worth. That’s one very sweet, very large signing bonus, to put it in athlete terms. This month we’re breaking down Homebuyer Olympism into three themes: Homebuyer Education, Homebuyer Development and Homebuying for All.

Homebuyer Education

Our first series of events is centered around education. Olympism strives to educate through good example. We’ve got great examples to educate you on becoming a homebuyer! We’ll walk you through the steps of finding a Lender and Agent and introduce you to our HIP Homebuyer Education courses. We’ll teach you what you need to know to make it to the closing ceremony, err… Closing signing on your new home.

Homebuyer Development

The next installment of our Olympism and homeownership will discuss the value owning your own home brings to the wider community. The Olympic Movement contributes to a better world by bringing people together in a community of athletes from around the world. The Nevada Housing Division was created to do the same thing here in Nevada by revitalizing neighborhoods and strengthening communities throughout the state. We’ll use this time to go over some of the economic benefits of homeownership as it affects you, your future neighbors, and everyone else who lives in the Silver State.

Homebuying for All

You know how even some of the most unlikely countries have teams for some unlikely sports? (Looking at you, Jamaican Bobsled Team) The Nevada Housing Division has a program to help all kinds of Nevadans. Young ones, old ones, and ones that served their country as well. Our third entry will cover all of the Nevada Housing Division programs and how they can help get you in to a home of your own.

Rise To The Challenge

Are you ready to go for homebuyer gold? Set you mark on the HIP Gold Games Starting Line. On your mark? Ready? Get set...Go!

To play, complete the various milestones of homeownership through the Home Is Possible (HIP) programs. When you do (and enter your milestones) you’ll be entered to win prizes. An additional way to win a prize is to participate in the Social Media Challenge, where the follower who shares the most #HIPGold experiences on social media will win a $50 gift card.

All good athletes push themselves to be their best—even homebuyer athletes. Before the Rio games even begin, we challenge you to go for homeowner gold. Check out our live feed, featuring homebuyer athletes through September 9.

Any questions? We’ll coach you through it. Just contact us.

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