Winter-Friendly House Projects: Northern Nevada

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We set out to share easy, affordable home improvement projects to do during the winter months for our friends in Nevada. There was just one problem: the climate varies throughout the Silver State. A lot. While northern Nevadans are still in the throes of snow, rain and cold—which beg for indoor projects, southern Nevadans would be wise to start doing outdoor projects before the scorching heat of summer.
With this in mind, we give you Winter-Friendly House Projects: The Northern Nevada Edition where it’s all about indoor improvements you can do now. (Southern Nevada: your edition will be posted soon!)
Project #1: Painting Inside
Experts say the ideal temperature to complete a painting project is between 50 to 90 degrees. Too much cold, heat, wind or moisture can impede a paint’s ability to adhere, and therefore, last. Since average temperatures in February and March are more favorable for indoor painting in the north, let’s paint some interior walls.
You can change the look and feel of your home almost instantly with a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Mind you, not every wall has to be the same color. Mix it up. Try something bold. Reflect your personal style—because you can. It’s one of the many perks of being a homeowner. If you get a little carried away, you can always paint over your oops rather inexpensively. (No one has to know.)
Real Simple has tips on DIY interior painting techniques, and Consumer Reports and have shared helpful tips on choosing paint colors.  Also, check out the Zillow Digs app, where you can try out paint colors on your walls with the push of a button. Ahhhh, technology.
Safety measures for indoor painting include choosing paint with the least toxicity and lowest volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so no oil-based paint; paint when it’s warm enough to open a window to let fresh air in; avoid using a sprayer when ventilation is restricted; take fresh air breaks; and keep paint can lids tight when not in use.
Project #2: Lighting Inside
Creative lighting solutions bring both form and function to any space, inside or out. Whether you’re trying to simply illuminate a space or set the mood, you can do it with lighting. And wintery weather dictates that northern Nevadans should focus on interior lighting now.
One way to glam up your kitchen in a hurry is to add under-cabinet lighting. Not only does it bring dimension to your space, it adds helpful task lighting, desirable energy-efficiency and the wow factor you want in your home.
Pendant lighting adds a modern flair to your home as well as task lighting to work spaces like kitchens and home offices. Take your time shopping for the right pendants—there are thousands of options. (Unless you were an electrician in a former life, we recommend you call a professional for installation.)  
Project #3: Adding Humidity To The Indoors
Eleven of the top 40 least humid cities in the country are in Nevada. Though we do love our dry weather, adding a little humidity into the air never hurt. In fact, it can help limit the viruses and bacteria that do well in drier air, help with dry skin and reduce static electricity inside.
There are a couple ways to add healthy humidity to your home. The easiest, least expensive route is a portable humidifier. You can find them at just about any drug store and many grocery stores. Simply place them in the rooms you use most in your house, and consider this project done. A whole house humidifier, which is added to your furnace, is more of an investment, but it delivers greater results. You can install it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.
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Share Your Great Home Improvement Projects
We could go on and on about other fun indoor projects like creating a gallery wall or adding coveted storage space, but we’ve taken up enough of your time for one day.
Whether you’ve tackled one of the projects above, or one of your own, please share your #DIYbrag on Facebook or Twitter.

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