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Aisha Sotelo
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Every realtor can help you decide the things you want and need in your next home and help you find it. What most agents DON’T do, however, is look ahead and see how this purchase can help you achieve your other financial goals! Someday you might want to move into a much larger dream home, or start buying rental properties, or buy a vacation home somewhere. Whatever your goal is, I can show you how smart home buying decisions today will help you achieve a stronger financial future and allow you to start working toward those dreams! It’s not just about what you want for your home right now, but about all the things your home can do FOR you in the future!

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management taught me a lot about money that I get to pass along to my clients. Yes, finding the right house is all about creating the right home for yourself and your family. But real estate is also the way to help you build your financial future and can help you get to other places you want to go, faster. By learning about what you want for your future, not exactly right now, I can help you get BOTH of those things!