Christopher Perea
Christopher Perea
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7475 W. Sahara Ave Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Christopher has resided in Las Vegas for over 8 year. Originally from California, but also spending time overseas while serving active duty in the Navy, Christopher has found Las Vegas to be home. Seeing how Las Vegas has grown after the recent housing market crash, Christopher has always had a passion to learn more about the Real Estate sector. In 2016 he decided to obtain his Real Estate License and learn more about the Las Vegas housing market.

As a 2nd  year Realtor, Christopher’s expectations are real high. Graduating with his Bachelors in Business Finance, Christopher has always had a passion for Financial investing in such areas as the Stock Market, Real Estate, and Business ownership. One major goal of his was to complete his Real Estate license with an emphasis on learning the Real Estate market and primarily getting more in depth with Real Estate investing. Following the Real Estate market is what Christopher does on a daily basis. Christopher feels it Is important to know what is going on with housing Market trends not only in the city he resides, Las Vegas, but throughout the nation. Christopher has a key eye for spotting Real Estate investments and understands that this is crucial to becoming a successful Realtor.

With a well-rounded background being former active duty military, Christopher has traveled to many countries around the world. Traveling is something he enjoys doing during his personal time. Some activities Christopher also enjoys are hiking, playing sports, and working out. Christopher feels it is important to stay active physically and mentally. If the body is right, the mind is as well. This is something Christopher personally believes in.