Dwight Pace

Homebuyer Programs Supervisor

From consumer finance to sales and marketing, from technology to mortgage lending, Dwight Pace is the proud owner of a nicely rounded work history. Though the positions he has held over the past 35 years have been as varied as the industries he’s been in, one thing remains a constant: killer customer service. Dwight knows it is paramount to any business, so everything he does at the Nevada Housing Division starts and ends with the utmost in customer service.

Dwight joined NHD in 2015 with experience as both a manager and a business owner, and with the lofty goal of utilizing his experience and skills to contribute to the happiness of others. Boy, did he come to the right place. Through the in-depth training and information sharing he provides to homebuyers and real estate professionals alike, he helps many individuals and families realize the dream of homeownership. If ever there was a win-win situation, this is it.

Dwight, who grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, is among the many who came to Lake Tahoe for a visit and never left. He has called Reno/Tahoe home since that fateful visit in 1978. Dwight and wife Katie have been married more than 39 years and have two beautiful daughters and five awesomely precious grandchildren.

Dwight is based in the Carson City office.