Steve Aichroth


Steve Aichroth loves a good challenge. In his book, the bigger, the better. Good thing, because Steve joined Nevada Housing Division in 2015 as the state’s affordable housing shortage was looming.

Steve began his career with NHD as Chief of Administration, but was called to head up Nevada’s Manufactured Housing Division. There he continued the herculean task of addressing affordable housing in Nevada.Fast forward to the summer of 2017, the Housing and Manufactured Homes Divisions merged—something Steve was instrumental in getting passed through the Nevada Legislature—and he became the Deputy Administrator at NHD. When the Administrator position opened up, Steve’s experience with both the Manufactured Homes and Housing Divisions made him the ideal fit to run the new division. His experience as a Commissioner of the State of Nevada Commission for Common Interest Communities— which regulates many homes throughout the state—sealed the promotion.

In his Administrator role, Steve oversees existing homebuyer programs, creates new homeownership opportunities, manages the distribution of federal funds for affordable housing projects, and develops tax credit properties. He also protects the interests of manufactured homeowners and the manufactured home industry, heads up the state weatherization programs, and last but not least, ensures the financial health of the Division.These are challenges that Steve embraces and is well-equipped to handle, thanks to his years in the public sector, coupled with his 25 years running the show as a business manager and then owner in the private sector. Daily, Steve draws on his problem-solving expertise, communication skills and commitment to customer service. At the end of the day, he is gratified by his role improving the quality of life for Nevada residents.

Steve moved around a lot as a child and appreciates that now home truly means Nevada. He is married and has two daughters, both graduates of the University of Nevada. He enjoys playing the occasional round of golf, watching baseball and walking his lovable-but-not-obedient dog.
Steve is based in the Carson City office.