We are excited to announce Dwight Pace is our new Homeownership Program Supervisor AKA Head Hipster.  Dwight has been part of the Home is Possible (HIP) team for seven months and brings a diverse background including mortgage lending, training, sales and marketing. Dwight is based in

Regardless of what sport an athlete plays, they’ve got to know the playbook. Offense, defense, strategies for success, teamwork and lots of training—it’s all in there. The same is true for the sport of homebuying. Sure, you may not need to be in perfect physical condition to clear the homebuying hurdles in front of you, but you should be well prepared mentally and financially to win. The

From coaches and training to teammates who cheer you on every step of the way, teamwork rocks. This holds true for world-class athletes (just ask anyone on the Refugee Olympic Team!) and Nevada homebuyers alike. So in honor of the Rio games, we’re shedding some golden light on how to

You’ve mastered the art of the “swipe right,” you know how to avoid “ghosting” and you’re no stranger to the “skype date.” But do you know how to find the right loan officer or real estate agent to fit your home-buying needs?

Never fear, the same skills you use to date in this day and age can be applied to hiring a loan officer or real estate agent.


If you’re thinking of buying a house, you already know that having good credit is, well, a good thing. But what is a good credit score? And what goes into determining it exactly? Here, we’ll delve into the mysterious but oh-so-important number.

A credit score is a number derived by a mathematical algorithm that gives creditors an idea of the risk level