Holiday traditions don’t just happen—they’re created. If you’ve recently experienced a change like moving into a new home (yay!) or welcoming a new family member into the fold (double yay!), there’s no time like the present to add to your holiday traditions. Are you game for building a caroling group?

We are creatures of habit, especially around the holidays. So when the decoration boxes come out, the silver bells and candles tend to end up on the mantle, as they were last year; the menorah takes center stage — again; and the tree winds up where it always does.

However, if you’ve moved since the last holiday season, your decorations need to find a home in your new home. We’ve

No matter where you are in life, you’re game for saving money, right? Well, when it comes to Black Friday savings, be advised that it’s more of a sport than a savvy money-saving strategy.

Much like a sport, Black Friday shopping requires preparation, strategy and an end goal. In anticipation of the day, we’

Will this be your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Is this your maiden Turkey Day voyage in your new home? Or are you just on the prowl for Thanksgiving tips to help the day stay on course? Never fear. We’ve got you covered.

If your past Thanksgiving dinner experience begins and ends with making a green bean casserole and showing up relatively on time—and now it’s your turn to

With Nevada’s birthday (aka Nevada Day) just around the corner, we’re admittedly a little nostalgic about the Silver State’s awesomeness. And we’re even more confident that owning a piece of the nation’s 36th state is a great idea for many Nevadans—something we know a thing or two (thousand) about.

If you’re like most people, you’ve already caught Rio fever. (And hopefully, you’re experiencing a case of HIP Gold Games fever, too.) With the Rio games just weeks away now, we thought we’d share one

Professional athletes go for gold to bring pride and glory back to their universities, cities and home countries. Why would crossing the finish line of homeownership be any different? In our second installment of the HIP Gold Games blog series, we’re discussing how homeownership helps to develop happier, healthier communities. New to the

Education through sport is a worldwide movement, supported by the likes of the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which supports the notion that sports and education go hand-in-hand. So who are we to stand in the way? In honor of the Rio