With a high credit score, the world is your oyster! At least when it comes to qualifying for a home loan. A good credit score can get you a better interest rate on your home loan and makes the entire homebuying process smoother. We have gathered a list of proven ways to raise your credit score according to myFICO.

Are you a handy man or woman who’s looking to invest some sweat equity in a new home? Or maybe you’re just not sure what to look for in a home or what your budget allows? Here are a few reasons why a fixer-upper home could be right for you.

Why a fixer-upper?

There are plenty of reasons why a person might prefer to buy a fixer-upper home versus one that doesn’

We think real estate agents are pretty awesome. After all, they help Nevadans realize their dream of homeownership! They scour listings, optimize open house itineraries, work weekends, and make themselves available to clients at all hours of the day. As if that isn’t enough, some have chosen to up their game even more by becoming HIP-accredited real estate agents. In this blog we dig

Resources to put you in the know

Ready to get serious about homebuying? We’re here for you with all the insider info to help you purchase like a seasoned pro — whether it’s your first home or your fifth.


We’ve collected some helpful resources for aspiring homebuyers on managing credit, understanding finances, financial

Help for Nevada Homebuyers Facing Financial Hardship

With companies restructuring, cutting back on employee hours, or even shutting their doors, many Nevada homeowners’ ability to pay their mortgage has been impacted during the past year and a half. If the pandemic has put you at risk of losing your home, there is some good news — you may qualify for a new loan option from

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Hay muchos pasos en la compra de una casa, y uno de los más importantes es la inspección. Hablamos con un inspector y un agente de bienes raíces en Nevada sobre qué esperar de este proceso.

"Cada casa puede

Vampires. Werewolves. Zombies. Clowns in storm drains. Homebuying. When this time of year rolls around, many first-time homebuyers have a list of top-five fears that looks something like this. OK fine, sometimes “zombies” are replaced by “creepy dolls.” Regardless of your order, it’s time to employ some fool-proof ways to address that final fear: homebuying. Because it’s not nearly as scary as

By the time the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve 2019, the Nevada Housing Division’s (NHD) Home Is Possible (HIP) programs had helped 21,970 Nevada families realize the American dream of homeownership. These newly anointed lawn mowers, picture hangers and pet lovers include 1,497 veterans and active military personnel, as well as 796 Nevada

There are some obvious reasons why winter is not the traditional time to buy or sell a house. We don’t want to disrupt our family during the school year,  it’s a pain to move when it’s cold and it can be hard to showcase a yard’s beauty and color when everything is dormant. Perhaps most importantly, HOW WILL SANTA FIND US if we move before Christmas!?!

But these reasons also

When Tiffany East and her boys, Adam and Jake, moved out of their home after Tiffany and their father divorced in 2003, they lived with her mother for a few months. “I remember it feeling so temporary as we were using her furniture and everything that was theirs was still at their dad’s,” she shares. “They asked when we were going to get our own place and that’s when I knew it was important