When we threw our hat in the ring with the Home Is Possible program in 2014, we knew we would be successful because of our lender and real estate partners. So it only made sense for us to tip our hats to them in a special lender appreciation luncheon, held on Friday, October 19 at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. We treated 100 southern Nevada loan officers to lunch, and asked them to wear their

Winning the award for being the country’s #1 state housing agency in 2016 is a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you consider that we took top honors for the most mortgages funded through U.S. Bank, though Nevada only ranks 33rd in population by state.

To us at the Nevada Housing Division, winning this

As we wrapped up 2016, we had a chance to stop and look at the numbers and realized that, with the help of our partners, we have been able to help nearly 10,000 Nevadans into homes of their own through our Home Is Possible program. To be precise, the actual number is 9,654 between when we started the program September 22, 2014

Our HIPster team now has even more swagger, thanks to the addition of Perry Faigin as our new Chief of Administration. This mortgage-lending veteran brings nearly 20 years of experience to NHD, Home Is Possible, and our much-loved homebuyers, lenders and real estate pros.

Since the very start of his

Since launching in 2014, Home is Possible (HIP for those in the know) has transformed the landscape of homeownership in Nevada. HIP has helped thousands of average, hard working Nevada families purchase a home of their own while making a tremendous economic impact on the state as a whole. Find out why so many Nevadans