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We’re not the biggest—just the country’s best!

February 15, 2017

Winning the award for being the country’s #1 state housing agency in 2016 is a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you consider that we took top honors for the most mortgages funded through U.S. Bank, though Nevada only ranks 33rd in population by state.

To us at the Nevada Housing Division, winning this prestigious award proves three things: 1) our homebuyer programs rock, 2) our lenders and real estate pros rock, and 3) we’re going to need a bigger trophy case because when we win, Nevada wins, and that’s downright addicting.

We’re not sharing our victory simply to pat ourselves on the back publicly. Nope. We’re sharing because our commitment to helping Nevadans realize the dream of homeownership is very real—and we’re not the only ones who know so.

The Programs That Make It Happen

Hopefully, you’ve already met the Home Is Possible family of homebuyer programs, which includes Home Is Possible (aka HIP), Home Is Possible Plus, Home Is Possible For Heroes and Mortgage Credit Certificate. These four programs are responsible for award-winning numbers like these:

·      $2 billion in mortgages since launch.

·      Nearly 10,000 Nevada families are home, thanks to HIP.

·      About 30 veterans and military personnel benefit from HIP For Heroes each month.

The People Who Make It Happen

Our HIP-qualified lenders and real estate pros are the ones who are on the front lines in Nevada. They take care of homebuyers from application to shiny new house keys. The beauty of our pros, among other things, is that they know the programs inside and out, and they happen to love helping people find their way home as much as we do.

If you’re dabbling in house shopping but haven’t pulled the trigger yet on a real estate pro or lender, make sure you check out our agent finder and lender finder. These folks are qualified to help deliver thousands in bonus money as well as competitive or even below-market interest rates through our HIP programs.

If you’re a real estate agent or lender and want to become HIP-qualified (and who wouldn’t?), inquire within. We’d love to add you to our roster of highly talented partners.

All Eyes Are On 2017

Like most anyone, we like trophies, so we’re shooting to win this award again for 2017. To be clear, the hardware isn’t what motivates us to help welcome Nevadans home. We just like helping people. That explains why we’ve developed yet another program, Home Is Possible For Teachers. We believe it will attract K-12 teachers to either move here or stay here to work their magic with Nevada’s youth.

Thanks for letting us take that victory lap. Now, let’s get back to work helping Nevadans achieve homeownership.

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