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a key lays beside a small toy house on a wooden table.

After the Offer

You’ve looked at dozens of houses and finally found your dream home.... Read More about this blog
Foreclosure sign

At risk of foreclosure? Mortgage loss mitigation could help

Unexpected medical bills, divorce, job loss — sometimes life throws us a curve ball and the home we could afford becomes unaffordable.... Read More about this blog
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Learn from their mistakes — 10 first-time homebuyer tips

We talked to some first-time homebuyers about what they learned after they made that big purchase.... Read More about this blog

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a family eating thanksgiving dinner sitting around a dining table

Thanksgiving Tips: How To Become The Host With The Most

Will this be your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Is this your maiden Turkey Day voyage in your new home? Or are you just on the prowl forRead More about this blog
Veteran home buying

Veterans: We Salute You Early & Often

We love veterans. We are extremely thankful for their service and sacrifices. So it should come as no surprise that we created a homebuyer programRead More about this blog
Nevada Day

Nevada’s Birthday, Your Present

With Nevada’s birthday (aka Nevada Day) just around the corner, we’re admittedly a little nostalgic about the Silver State’s awesomeness. And we’reRead More about this blog
cleaning gutters

Brrrrr-illiant Fall Pre-Freeze To-Dos

Last week, we shared some handy fall home maintenance tips for homeowners throughout Nevada, regardless of climate. Hopefully, you’ve already startedRead More about this blog
Home in the fall

Five Tips Homeowners Should Follow This Fall

Whether you’re enjoying the color show of changing leaves, or appreciating a welcome change in temperature, one thing’s for sure: Fall is a beautifulRead More about this blog
home is possible

To Know HIP Is To Love HIP

You probably already know that Home Is Possible (affectionately known as HIP) is a down payment assistance program for Nevadans who seek decent,Read More about this blog
a group of people sitting at a dining table eating dinner outside

Are You Good Neighbor Material?

The old adage, ‘Good fences make good neighbors’ may be true, but what are some other ways to make sure you’re on the good list? In honor of GoodRead More about this blog
a couple checking out a house with a realtor

Boomerang Buyers Are Back, Baby!

There’s a whole new segment of homebuyers in the housing market these days. They’re called boomerang buyers, and what makes them unique is that theyRead More about this blog
Two people standing on a porch with chalk signs that read "sold" and "our new home"

Homeownership Is Way More Than Just Signing Papers

The transition from renter to homeowner is a doozy. We’re not saying that to scare you, but rather, to prepare you. To make things go as smoothly asRead More about this blog
Piggy Bank with paper cutout of family

Math Lesson on Home is Possible

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to admit that we HIPsters at Nevada Housing Division are geeky number crunchers at heart. After all, we’reRead More about this blog