a piggy bank next to a model house and calculator

How Does The New Tax Bill Affect Homebuyers & Homeowners?

There’s a new tax bill in town. So, what does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act mean to you as a homebuyer or homeowner starting in 2018? We have some answers.

Peg board in grage

The Joy of Parking in the Garage

Why do so many of us store one of our most expensive belongings outside where it’s exposed to weather and other potential hazards? Probably because we can’t fit a car — let's change that.

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YES! We Surpassed $3 Billion—With A ‘B’

In 2017, we reached a ginormous milestone: We helped Nevadans close more than $3 billion in mortgages since our Home Is Possible (HIP) homebuyer program took flight in September 2014.

solar panel

Is Solar Power A Good Thing In Nevada — This Time Around?

Nevada’s topsy-turvy relationship with solar power in the past few years may have you unsure about its future. We look at current regulations and their impact on homeowners.  

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3 Reasons To Enter Our Holiday Lights Contest: Prize, Prize And Prize!

If you consider holiday decorating more of a sport than a nod to festivity, have we got the contest for you—complete with trophies. Go big and you could go home with a Pier 1 gift card. 

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14 Easy Peasy Winter Energy Saving Tips For Nevadans

Energy saving efforts don’t just make sense, they make dollars and cents. We've gathered just a few winter energy saving tips that vary in cost and effort from ‘a big fat zero’ to ‘not very much’.