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Renewed homes. Renewed homeownership opportunities.

We’re showcasing a number of homes that have been renovated and are ready for someone to love them.

Andy Gutman

Home Is Possible: An Insider’s Look

We love featuring Nevada homebuyers for our HIP testimonials, but we thought we’d mix things up and look at the program from the point of view of a HIP-qualified lender.

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Back-To-School For Nevada Homebuyers

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about tiny desks, 50 pound backpacks and gobs of homework. We’re talking about homebuyer education.

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Back To College, Back To Finding A Place To Live

We’d like to introduce you to NVHousingSearch.org. This website, built in 2014, helps Nevadans find rental homes and apartments that fit their needs and budgets. Read more. 

Perry Fagan

Say Hello To The Newest HIPster: Perry Faigin

Our HIPster team now has even more swagger, thanks to the addition of Perry Faigin as our new Chief of Administration. Read more. 

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Say YES To Downpayment Money PLUS Tax Savings

A brand spankin’ new and downright amazing program for homebuyers in Nevada. It’s called Home Is Possible Plus and it’s designed to give homebuyers more. Read on...