HIP Gold Games cartoon participant running through finish line

Last Sprint to HIP Gold Games Podium

We have good news! It’s not too late to enter the HIP Gold Games, going on now through September 9. Read more. 

Dwight Pace Homeownership Program Supervisor smiling

Head HIPster: Dwight Pace

We are excited to announce Dwight Pace is our new Homeownership Program Supervisor AKA Head Hipster.

Hand holding a trophy of a gold house and the other hand displaying number 1 sign

A Play-by-Play of the Homebuying Process

With the ongoing excitement of the HIP Gold Games, we proudly present one more sports-themed homebuying article, broken down per quarter, for your reading pleasure.

A home with x and o like a football playbook with text "know the playbook"

Train For Success with Homebuyer Education Class

To get you in shape for buying a home, Nevada Housing Division requires you to attend a homeownership education class. Read more. 

A couple reviewing papers with a man at a desk and smiling

Excel At Homebuying By Choosing A Winning Team

In honor of the Rio games, we’re shedding some golden light on how to build your homebuyer dream team. Learn more!

HIP Gold medal with text 'Everyone can bring home the gold"

Homeowner Gold is Possible for All Nevadans

With the Rio games just weeks away now, we thought we’d share one of our favorite global activities of Olympism: Sport For All, and how we’ve applied its principles to the activity of homebuying in Nevada.