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Be a Community Champion. Buy a Home!

In our second installment of the HIP Gold Games blog series, we’re discussing how homeownership helps to develop happier, healthier communities.

Athlete character holding a torch representing the HIP Gold Games

Welcome to the HIP Gold Games

In honor of the Rio games, we’ve created the HIP Gold Games where Nevadans can learn how to buy a house—through sport. Read more about how to win big just for sharing your homebuyer journey with us.

a couple sits on a couch with empty moving boxes, the man has two big thumbs up in triumph

Why Downpayment Money? And Nine Other FAQs From HIP Homebuyers.

If you shout, “Downpayment money!” from the rooftops, you’re bound to get people’s attention. Especially homebuyers.

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4 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Financial House

Yep, spring has finally sprung. That means it’s time to clear out the clutter and bring on the elbow grease to clean your house—your financial house, that is.

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5 Dating Steps to Achieve Happily Ever After Homeownership

You’ve mastered the art of the “swipe right,” you know how to avoid “ghosting” and you’re no stranger to the “skype date.” But do you know how to find the right loan officer or real estate agent to fit your home-buying needs?

Home is Possible for Heroes Testimonial: Matthew Leue

Home is Possible for Heroes Testimonial: Matthew Leue

Matthew Leue is a veteran and now a new homeowner thanks to the Home is Possible for Heroes program offered by the Nevada Housing Division. Watch his story.