‘Tis the season to be giving (and sometimes, getting) presents. And if you’re new to a home in Nevada — or if you know someone in the process of finishing the homebuying process — you’re probably scratching your head trying to come up with something original for the holidays.

If so, we have an idea: fun Nevada-themed gifts! If you know someone new to the state, or perhaps

We thought we’d shine a light on some women who have made significant contributions to our homes. Once you’ve read through these, please comment to let us know who we missed!

  • We were surprised to find out that the first 100 percent solar-powered house was invented in 1947. Maria Telkes

If you are new to Nevada, welcome! We have assembled a few helpful tips and some sage (Get it? Sage?) advice for those who are new to the northern part of the Silver State.

Say it like a native.

Nevadans are a friendly bunch and one of the friendliest things we can do is advise you on how to pronounce the name of your new state. It’s “Nev-AD-a,”

affordable housing program team

Sure, Nevada Housing Division has given out millions of dollars in down payment money to Nevada homebuyers since our Home Is Possible homebuyer programs started in 2014.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Horseshoe

We hear that kissing an Irish person brings good luck, which comes in handy on St. Patrick’s Day—and every day of the year. But if you’re not a fan of getting a wee bit frisky in the name of good fortune, we’ve got five fun

Woman hugging servicemember

We love National Hug A G.I. Day, which happens every March 4. And while we salute the men and women who protect our country on this day—and those who embrace them—every day is Hug A G.I

Last week, we shared some indoor home improvement project ideas perfect for our northern Nevada peeps—indoor because of the cold, wet weather that February and March bring. This week, we are turning our attention to outdoor home improvement projects for our southern Nevada friends—

We set out to share easy, affordable home improvement projects to do during the winter months for our friends in Nevada. There was just one problem: the climate varies throughout the Silver State. A lot. While northern Nevadans are still in the throes of snow, rain and cold—which beg for indoor projects, southern Nevadans would be wise to start doing outdoor projects before the scorching heat

Whether you’re a long time homeowner, a soon-to-be homebuyer or just someone who cares about not running out of money, budgeting is uber important. (That won’t be that last time you hear us say that, by the way.) Budgeting ensures you can pay the bills you incur, it helps you plan for at least some of the things you want (versus need), and it ensures you address your financial responsibilities

‘Tis the season to be merry—and to host houseguests. If you’re planning to put up family or friends in your home, why not make sure it goes as smoothly as possible? We have a host of great tips to help you do just that. (See what we did there?)

5 Hosting Tips

Tip #1: Plan for success.

Addressing individual needs and managing expectations are key to a good