Unexpected medical bills, divorce, job loss — sometimes life throws us a curve ball and the home we could afford becomes unaffordable. When Nevadans find themselves facing financial hardship, unable to make their mortgage payments and at risk of foreclosure, there is help. The general term for this type of help is mortgage loss mitigation.

Foreclosure is a lose, lose

Facing foreclosure? Struggling to keep up with mortgage payments or know someone who is? We have a new way to help. The Nevada Housing Division (NHD) and Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC) have teamed up to bring struggling Nevada homeowners hope and relief through a new federal Homeowner Assistance Fund program.

NHD received $120 million from the U.S.

Help for Nevada Homebuyers Facing Financial Hardship

With companies restructuring, cutting back on employee hours, or even shutting their doors, many Nevada homeowners’ ability to pay their mortgage has been impacted during the past year and a half. If the pandemic has put you at risk of losing your home, there is some good news — you may qualify for a new loan option from

Twenty percent. That’s long been the standard amount of down payment required to purchase a home. But 20% can be quite a hefty sum and for many of us (especially first-time buyers) it can put homeownership out of reach. Fortunately, you can purchase a home in Nevada with less than 20% down. (Cue upbeat, celebratory music.) Extra fortunately, Nevada Housing Division can help you come up with

Homeowners insurance is a necessity that comes with home ownership. From fire to theft, broken pipes to a tree limb crashing through the roof, your homeowners insurance covers you when disaster strikes, helping you recover and get back to living. 

Unless you collect jet planes or rare Greek sculptures, a home will likely be the

In our last post, we talked about the dangers of tree roots and how they can not only  damage your home, but your neighbor’s as well. In this blog we’ll learn what to do about the darn things without starting a neighborhood feud.

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But first, let’s

You may have heard: There’s a new tax bill in town. Well, the whole country, to be precise. So what does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act mean to you as a homebuyer or homeowner starting in 2018? Good question. We found some great answers from some pretty great sources during our most recent surfing expedition.

Nevada’s topsy-turvy relationship with solar power in the past few years may have you unsure about its future. So where does the state stand on solar power? Is it right for Nevadan homeowners? For you?

Come take a short stroll down memory lane with us. It’ll help you fully appreciate

Guide to buying a home

Owning your very own home is a pretty amazing experience, but at times, there can be a small problem: The process of buying it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re either a homebuying rookie or a seasoned homebuyer in need of a refresher course, we have just the

Woman doing yard work

It’s springtime at last. Yippee! Translation: Just around the corner are BBQs, quality time al fresco and the occasional super soaker fight (you know you wanna!).

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we highly recommend tackling spring yard clean-up. A little work